About Me


Welcome to my little corner of the internet, here’s a little but about me.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a family passionate about sport and the great outdoors.

The earliest trip I can remember is walking up Saana in Finland. To cut costs my dad, step mum and I stayed in a 2 man tent on the edge of the very expensive Finnish camp sites and would sneak in to use the facilities! This encapsulated for me the idea of adventure, being in the wilderness making memories with the people you love.

My passion for getting outdoors continued to grow, when aged 12, we went trekking to Tajikistan. Sitting 6000ft up on a glacier I realised what a magical world I was a part of and that life is not about the things you have but the memories and moments you make along the way.

Life is about seeking new adventures, meeting new people and learning to push yourself outside your comfort zone; it is only when you reach the edge that you can appreciate the size of the drop.

Life’s a journey, get out and live it!

In 2012 after watching the Olympics I felt inspired to have a go at racing, I signed up for a local race, that was it I was hooked! I worked hard on my fitness often feeling that this pursuit of a fitter, faster body was not going anywhere, then like magic my physiology started to change. After 4 years racing XC I decided to have a go at a 12 and 24 hour race and found a new passion for endurance cycling. Now in 2016 my sights are set on the Trans Alp a 7 day stage race across the alps.

I want to inspire other women to get outside and have adventures. We live in a magical world, so go explore. Life is about the memories and moments you share with the people you care about.

Now I have turned my attention to endurance sport completing my first (of hopefully many) stage races and starting on my first mountaineering adventure.

Keep up to date on my training via Twitter and Instagram.

Hopefully you will enjoy reading my blog, please keep me updated on what you like hearing about.

If you would like to join me on an adventure or have any questions please contact me on hannah@pedal2pedal.co.uk



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