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Giant/Liv Jersey

Unwrapping another product from Giant I was excited about trying my new Jersey. Being a girl clothes are always welcome and from past experience when they come from Giant there going to be practical, stylish and comfortable.

Giant Jersey

My new red and black women’s fit Giant/Liv jersey did not disappoint.

It fits well with a good half zip which is low enough to ventilate but not too revealing. The back is longer than the front to give more protection from spray and mud from the back wheel and to stop the jersey riding up this is a real bonus, it could do with a silicon insert to keep the jersey from riding up at the back.

photo 2

The red and black is a great combination and great for mountain biking as it’s a rather muddy sport sometimes especially in the UK and the dark colours wash well and hide the dirt! It also washes really well and keeps it’s colour. 

On the back there are three small pockets handy for gloves, inner tubes and a snack. A good addition would of been good to have a small zipped pocket for car keys or mobile phone as these are the two things I’m always paranoid about loosing, not being in a zipped pocket I spend a a lot of time reaching round with one hand to check they are still there after each bit of single track instead of concentrating on my ride. 

The high vis strip across the top of the pockets is a good idea and a nice touch.

photo 1

The jersey wicks away the sweat from your skin quickly and stays dry. The fit is snug without being too tight I have warn it with a base layer underneath and it works really well as the sleeves and body still have room to manoeuvre and steer without restriction.

I have really enjoyed my Giant/Liv jersey and would recommend them to any female cyclists whether your passion is on or off road Giant provide a great stylish product that is comfortable to wear and easy to look after.

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Giant Real Rider Cyclotron Turbo Trainer

When Giant send things through to review its like Christmas the anticipation of ripping of the tape and opening the box to discover what delights are inside to try out.

So when in October a month before my birthday a huge box big enough for me to fit in arrived at work from giant I was intrigued as to what I had been sent!

Giant Cyclotron Turbo Trainer

I was so excited to get my new turbo trainer home and test it out that I got it out in the office to have a quick look!

Winter has officially arrived in the UK with nights drawing in, frost on the car and bike lights a must if you’re going out. Having the luxury of being able to train indoors is brilliant and has meant I’ve kept up my training over the last couple of months.

Giant Cyclotron Turbo TrainerThe Giant Cyclotron turbo is very easy to set up, you just change the skewer in the back wheel of your road bike, open up the trainer and pop the bike in. It’s very heavy and feels sturdy and secure when training.

It folds away neatly into a carry bag and can be stored in a cupboard or bottom of the wardrobe which is a bonus.

The turbo has 5 levels of resistance, plus any gears you have and the effort can be made quite hard or very easy. I find I need it on about 3/4 most of the time and then just change my gears. This works well, but takes some getting used to as it took my a while to find what worked for me. It will depend what type of training you want to get out of the trainer to what setting works for you.

Giant Cyclotron Turbo TrainerThe turbo trainer is very sturdy I have done sprint sessions and really given it a pounding and it keeps me and the bike upright.

I tend to use the turbo in front of the TV for long tempo and AT threshold rides as I find these dull in the gym, it’s a great way to train for these rides once you get the resistance right you can just enjoy watching the TV whilst getting the miles in.

I would recommend buying a fan to use when you’re using the turbo as it gets so hot and no amount of window opening seems to cool you down (it also annoys anyone you may be living with who isn’t working out). But they could always go in the kitchen and cook your post training meal!!

The turbo trainer is noisy, but once you have the TV on loud you don’t really notice it.

I have found the turbo very useful and it’s improved my winter training by giving me no excuse not to train, however I don’t think you can beat getting out on your bike and I wouldn’t want to spend more than 2 hours on a turbo as it’s not as enjoyable as getting out on your bike, even when it’s dark and cold. You can’t beat getting out and braving the elements!

Overall my new turbo trainer has helped me put in session where I need to train in a specific heart rate zone which are hard to do out on the road and can be dull in the gym. I would recommend getting a turbo to anyone who is trying to do specific zone training as, like the gym, it’s a controlled environment.

the other great thing about turbo training is hooking it up to Strava.

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Giant Real Rider Contact SLR TR Trail Riser Bar and Sole-O lock grips Review

This month I have been reviewing the Contact SLR TR Trail Riser Bar and Sole-O lock grips for Giant.

HB1The bar is wider than my previous bar, at 730mm. I was unsure about to start with, as I spend most of my time weaving through tight single-track this extra bit of width has proven a little interesting at times.

The Sole-O grips are really nice and give you lots of grip, making it easier to change hand position to suit the type of riding you are doing, whether its down hill, up hill, technical or flat.

giant o-lock grips

The handle bar is incredibly light at 175 grams, making a notable difference from the aluminium bar I had previously. I have tested the bar in lots of different conditions and terrains. It is certainly better for bombing downhill the wider position makes it feel very stable, and it’s easier to shift your weight around. On steep, rocky, rooty sections the carbon takes out some of the vibration too, which is a bonus. However, to start with I noticed it changed my balance on the bike and I found myself too far over the front wheel going downhill. This can be unnerving as every mountain biker knows being too far over the front wheel when going downhill often ends up with you taking a closer inspection of the trail!

Overall the bar and grips are fantastic and I have enjoyed learning how they differ from my previous bar, I have decided to get the bar cut down a little to suit the style of riding I do, which can be done at most good Giant retailers.

I have the charcoal version, the bar also comes in white, both colours look great, but the charcoal matches the rest of my bike, which is predominantly black. The O-lock grips have different colour rings, mine are blue, which was a brilliant choice by Giant as blue is my favourite colour.

At £130 this handle bar is well worth the investment for the stability, control and weight reduction.

Thank you to Giant retailer Cycle World Southampton for fitting the bar and as always thank you Giant for the opportunity to test out your products.

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Giant Real Rider Liv / Giant breathable women’s specific jacket and the ¾ length lycra pant review

“This month I have been reviewing the Liv / Giant breathable women’s specific jacket and the ¾ length lycra pant.

Liv/Giant Breathable jacket and 3/4 pants

I decided to head to Wales to test out my latest bits of kit from Giant, after all what better place than the side of a mountain to try out functional clothing!

The jacket is cut to suit a women’s body shape and fits really well giving you enough room to manoeuvre your bike without feeling like your clothes are restricting or getting in the way. The colour is a dusky pink which looks great and has reflective piping and panels for extra visibility when out at night. The extra features, which I feel really make this the best cycling jacket I own are, the wet suit like cuffs which stop any drafts, the fact its so light you feel like you have nothing on and yet have good wind blocking properties and the two sides and back pocket which give enough space for all your biking accessories to be stored.

Liv\Giant 3/4 length trouser

The jacket is a real asset to any girls biking wardrobe. It fits easily inside a biking bag, taking up no room when the sun did shine and then when it was windy it worked brilliantly at keeping me warm but without that sticky back feeling you get with some jackets once you have them on under a biking bag. The jacket was also light enough that when it did rain it didn’t feel uncomfortable and with my body heat dried really quickly.

I fell in love from the moment I sat on my saddle with the ¾ length pant the padding was incredible and made even the rockiest of single track descents bearable on my hardtail. The design really suits women, as the front is cut into a ‘v’ shape, which sits under your belly button, this is far more comfortable than an ordinary waist band which can cut in and feel uncomfortable on long rides. The ¾ length is something I hadn’t tried for biking before and I found this to be really handy as in shorts I often get cold when I stop, the longer length kept me warm, but also were not stifling when riding as long bottoms can sometimes be. When not riding my bike these are also comfy to walk in and don’t restrict your movement even though the padding is quite thick, which is great!

Wales Afan

My only concern would be the wear and tear I wore these for a couple of hours with kneepads over the top and found they plucked and rubbed, which was a shame. However this is only a minor issue and would be easily solved by not wearing kneepads!

I found both items to be very high quality both in design and functionality, and would recommend them to all ladies out there.”

Giant Real Rider Lights Illuminator Combo Review

This month I have been testing the Giant Illuminator Combo light set. The first thing you notice about these lights is how small they are they can easily be fitted in a pocket of a jacket for safe keeping when you don’t want them on your bike.


These bright LED front and rear bike lights come with batteries and take a matter of minutes to attach to any bike with a simple to use mechanism which attaches the lights firmly to the bike. The only issue with this system is if you are transferring your lights between bikes it is a hassle to keep undoing all the screws to take them on and off, compared with some lights that have heavy duty rubber bands which hold them firmly in place but make the lights easily transferable between bikes. However retailing at £15.99 these lights are excellent value for money and if you are lucky enough to have two bikes, you could just buy two sets.

The front light has two settings flashing and steady beams both of these are very bright and the steady beam gives a good area of light coverage. The backlight has four different modes, steady and three different flashing modes. The backlight also comes with a handy clip that is great for attaching the light to a bag allowing you to have two backlights for added safety. As a bike commuter in a city I would recommend this option, having the ability to attach a light to a bag is a great addition to the lights functionality.

These lights provide ample light for on the road and even dusky rides off road. However for off road night rides I would recommend a much more powerful light to give you maximum light coverage.

Overall these lights are brilliant for the price, they work well are easy to use and have a long battery life.

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Giant Real Rider Control Mini MTB + Cycling Pump

The mini mountain bike pump looks sleek and stylish at 20.5x27x270mm it is very compact and easy to carry either in a ruck sac or on the bike itself. The pump to bike attachment is great, it sits nicely next to the frame of the bike and the Velcro held it in place while I raced round the new forest all weekend in wet conditions.


The pump is made of CNC machined aluminium and feels very robust which is important for mountain biking, as things (especially when strapped to the side of your bike) tend to take a bit of a battering!

To operate the pump you simply pull the cap off the top and pull out the hose, this is very neat, however with thick gloves on it is pretty impossible, which means taking them off and getting chilly fingers on those winter rides. The end of the hose has a screw nozzle, with Presta and Schrader valve fittings at either end making it quick and simple to change from one valve type to another.

The hose pushes neatly back inside the pump and you can then replace the cap. The rubber cap seems robust; my only thought was that if you lost the cap the valve would be exposed to mud and water.

Looking forward to my racing season I thought about how the pump would be in a race situation, I compared my old pump with my new pump and found it a lot faster to blow up tyres making it my new companion for racing! It took 38.7 seconds to blow up an Schrader and 38.2 seconds to blow up a Presta tyre compared to my old £10 pump, which took 42 seconds (Schrader) and 45 seconds (Presta). The pump easily screws on to fit both types of valve which is excellent, as before I’ve had difficulties with pumps where you push the pump onto the valve and then pull a clip up, trying to do this quickly often results in the valve getting pushed back into the wheel, so having a simple screw mechanism makes life easier. The screw nozzle is hard wearing and looks like it would last a long time.

The pump is at the higher end of the price range for a mini pump at £24.99, however I think it offers good value for money in terms of its robustness and how easy it is to use.