Sestriere Snowboarding Edit

I have always loved photography and film and this year have decided to have a go at creating videos.

These video’s was shot sing a Go Pro Hero 4 Black and a Go Pro Hero 4 Silver.

Film lesson one was I accidentally changed the resolution on one camera so have had to make two edits! (second one to come) Had loads of footage so this was not a problem.

My tip for anyone else looking to make videos would be create a story board of what you want in your video. I found it really helpful to know the type of outcome I wanted before I went out and filmed everything, Martyn and I then proceeded to film everything anyway but at least we had an idea of what we wanted to create!

I would love feedback on what you think of my videos and you tube channel. If you like it please subscribe here.

Snowboarding adventures in Sestriere.

Thanks for watching! if you like please comment and share.

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H x



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