Skills Practice

This week in training I have been looking at manuals and front wheel lifts. At some point out on a ride you are going to come across something that you can’t roll over.

Especially in races and in more demanding situations to maintain your flow and not loose too much speed it is important to be able to pop over obstacles confidently. So this week I have been making use of the light to practice these skills.


The good points:

  1. I lean forward and move my body weight back with straight arms, this gives me good leverage to pull the bike up
  2. My legs are pretty straight…
  3. I am looking forward
  4. I twist my wrists to pull the handle bars towards me

To improve:

  1. I need to shift my hips and weight backwards in order to find the bikes balance point
  2. Dropping my heels lower and getting my legs straighter

Front wheel lift:

The good points:

  1. Wheel comes nice and high over the obstacle
  2. The movement is coming from my leg and not pulling on the bars
  3. I take my head back with my shoulders
  4. I am looking forward

To improve:

  1. Maintain momentum and not hesitate before lifting the wheel
  2. Right and left leg able to lift wheel
  3. Take body and head further back

My 3 tips for learning how to do these two techniques are:

  1. Find an open space where you can lay out some markers
  2. Write down the key points needed for the technique like moving your weight forward then quickly back in the manual, power stroke from your leading leg on the front wheel lift and keeping your head glued to the top of your shoulders so you take it back with your body
  3. Video your technique a couple of times and critique yourself

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