SuperGel XC Glove

I have had the pleasure of becoming a Grip Grab local hero and will be wearing and testing out their kit in all weathers for racing and training.

So far I have worn their SuperGel XC glove for riding in several times and found them very comfy.

Grip Grab GlovesI have rather long skinny fingers and a small palm which makes getting gloves which fit very difficult. I used the Grip Grab sizing chart and ordered the best fit. To my surprise they fit very well the Doctor Gel pad is super spongy and helps when the ground becomes ‘bone shaking’.


The gloves have a handy Velcro fastener which keeps them fromruck ling up under your palm something I have had issues with in the past with other gloves.

These gloves have a mesh front to help your hands breath which is great, although in the depths of winter a thin under glove may be needed to keep the chill out.

Grip GrabThe touch screen sensitive finger works very well and is so handy when your half way up a trail and your phone rings!

All in all these are a great pair of gloves for mountain biking. I look forward to trying them out throughout the winter. #NeverloseyourgripGrip Grab

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